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Our Technology

Building our connected energy future.

We believe our technology should be like our energy: reliable, adaptable, and most of all, efficient. Technology drives and enables everything we do, empowering us to deliver impressive results to our clients and engaging experiences to customers. We’re building a connected energy future, one innovation at a time.

CLEAResult ATLAS™: Our Unifying Technology Solution

Using knowledge and best practices from our decades of industry experience, we designed a solution from the ground up that will take your energy savings to the next level — and lead us to our connected energy future. Meet CLEAResult ATLAS™, a groundbreaking, unifying technology solution that includes the powerful tools utilities need and the engaging features customers want.



One solution for every program

Powerful solutions need a strong foundation. We support all of our services and offerings, grounding them in one consistent ecosystem. But we didn't stop there—we also support third-party and legacy systems, taking universal compatibility to an unprecedented level.

Deeper insights, better results

We feature cutting-edge analytics capabilities, producing crucial insights at every level, from regional program performance to individual customer interactions. More data means more opportunities and better insights that put our clients ahead of the curve.

Personalized customer journeys

With the power of CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect, dynamic, individualized journeys that evolve with each customer over time—even across programs—are now a reality.


Our Unified Solutions

The flexibility of CLEAResult ATLAS™ technology empowers us to support a broad set of products and services. Looking to get the most out of your energy programs? See how we can help ›


CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Connect provides a scalable approach to meeting precise customer needs while keeping them engaged and on track to maximize their energy savings potential. Our approach empowers program participants with the means and ongoing guidance to make the best decisions about their energy needs—and with the intelligent data pathways of CLEAResult ATLAS™ as a support structure, they can always be confident they’re pointed in the right direction.


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CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace goes beyond a simple purchase, rebate or validation tool, serving as both a digital storefront and an education center that brings more customers into the world of efficiency by connecting them to the tools and content they need to manage their energy usage. With powerful built-in tools like single sign-on, cross-promotions, multilayered fraud prevention, and mobile-first UX, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Marketplace brings together a common portfolio of modular programs, products, and services in a streamlined format designed to engage diverse segments across markets.


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CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights

CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights leverages the expansive data framework of CLEAResult ATLAS™ to produce an exceptional level of customer-facing insights and predictive operational analytics. By providing an unprecedented cross section of the markets they serve, CLEAResult ATLAS™ Insights informs utilities of where their dollars can best be spent to achieve maximum impact. Our unique approach empowers clients to operationalize data across sectors and programs—and at a much lower cost than traditional measures.


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