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2020 ENERGY FORUM: Resiliency and Stewardship - October 13 – 15, 2020   RSVP

  • We change the way people
    use energy
    At CLEAResult, we make energy efficiency smarter, faster and more accessible for everyone. We work with utilities, businesses and consumers to enhance the energy experience on a local and global level—and we’re just getting started.

2020 ENERGY FORUM: Resiliency and Stewardship - October 13 – 15, 2020   RSVP

We power the future.

We’re confident there’s no energy problem we can’t solve. Why? Because we offer the experience, insight and unique skill sets necessary to design and deliver the breadth of solutions and services our clients deserve.

Learn about our mission
We power the future.
We are committed to leading change.

Our large and diverse team is composed of experts from across the industry, capable of delivering every component of our energy efficiency programs to every client and customer.

Learn about our leadership
We are committed to leading change.
We support our communities.

We leverage our extensive utility experience to ensure we recommend the most valuable and worthwhile energy improvements to our business clients and maximize available incentives.

Learn about who we serve
We support our communities.

Our solutions revolve around you

We’re helping our neighbors—and your customers—take steps to reduce their energy consumption, save money, and avert tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Learn about our residential solutions

Our scalable, turnkey energy programs are trusted by city and provincial governments across the country.

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Canadian Leaders

Growing towards the future

We’ve grown from a small firm in British Columbia to the largest provider of energy efficiency services in Canada. Now, with over 130 employees and offices in Toronto, Burnaby, and Calgary, we’re saving energy from coast to coast. Our rapid growth is powered by consistency—our dedicated teams work tirelessly to meet and exceed client needs while promoting growth, evolving our solutions to fit the changing energy efficiency landscape year after year.


Resources for reporters

We draw upon our industry-leading expertise to help you cover energy efficiency and demand response for the communities you serve.

Proven Canadian energy experience

CLEAResult is a registered Canadian company committed to investing in the Canada’s economy, infrastructure and people. Our teams are responsible for some of the largest, most nuanced conservation and demand management (CDM) programs in the country, such as our province-wide industrial programs in Ontario and industrial strategic energy management in British Columbia. In supporting CLEAResult, you’re supporting our efforts to improve the local community, workforce, and environment.

We are connected

through our skilled local and international teams that produce results in hundreds of communities across North America.

We facilitate engagement

between utility providers and their customers by providing energy savings through programs, conducting outreach campaigns across the region, or delivering results to energy consumers.

We drive experiences

through direct interaction and program implementation, achieving program success through trade ally networks, engaging customers in energy efficiency and other CDM offers.

We Do Awesome Works.

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The future looks nice. Let’s go there.

A bright future requires bright minds. With over 60 offices across the U.S. and Canada, we're helping thousands of businesses and individuals reduce their energy impact every day. Join us.

Ontario - Toronto

393 University Avenue, Suite 1622

Toronto, ON M5G 1E6


Alberta - Calgary

1015 4th St SW, Suite 330

Calgary, AB T2R 1J4


British Columbia - Burnaby

3480 Gilmore Way, Suite 120

Burnaby, BC V5G 4Y1

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